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Seniors Resource Guide

This Ottawa Seniors Resource Guide is a directory of links for services, agencies and programs which helps assist older persons, in their daily lives. The services are listed in alphabetical order by category of service with specific links/agencies listed under the appropriate category.

We have made every effort to compile a useful senior resource guide for the members of the Nepean Seniors Recreation Centre. The centre does not endorse or recommend any of the listings contained in the guide. The Nepean Seniors Centre does not guarantee or warrant any of the information or services provided by businesses listed in this guide. Residents and users of the guide are encouraged to consult with appropriate and accredited professional advisors for advice concerning specific matters before making any decisions.

Everyday Activities:

Calendar of all drop-in activities for adults 50+ in all four Ottawa area Senior Centers. Check out the link.

Fitness, Recreational and Social Programs: Champlain Health Line

Here is a Seniors Discount link. Although some of them are for AARP (American Association of Retired People) there are many that are open to all. Please check out the link.

We have just received a link for a Guide to Remodelling a Bathroom for Seniors and People With Disabilities. Although we do not endorse Mr Rooter or their services, we thank them for providing this information. Please check out the link.

Nepean Sportsplex: Nepean Seniors Center Guide

General Links for Senior Information:

Exercise Tips from The Ottawa Heart Institute. Please click here.

Amica some Online programs. Please click here.

Here is a housing guide from the Ottawa Council on Aging. Please click here.

Ottawa City has published a Facts Sheet on Human Needs. Please click here.

Ottawa Public Health has published a resource on Cannabis for Adults Please click here.

A new comprehensive Guide to Seniors Living has been added. Please click here.

Click on this link to get to the new Government program Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program.

Download a free copy of 2019 Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living®.

Here is a link to the Ottawa Housing Resources website.

Click on the link for the latest Ottawa Housing Guide.

Here is a link to the Ottawa Seniors website.

Nepean Sportsplex programs, dates and costs, see the Sportsplex Programs Guide.

Nepean Seniors Center drop-in activities, program course dates and costs see the Sportsplex Programs Seniors Guide.