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No formal registration is required for Drop-In Activities. Drop-In activities are generally organized and run by volunteers from the Seniors Centre. Guests are welcome, and may attend up to 3 times without taking out a membership. Attendance to more than three sessions requires a membership.

The City charges $1.25 drop-in fee for the activities. Most groups collect an extra 50 cents or a dollar to cover the cost of refreshments, a Christmas dinner or an occasional luncheon, etc. These fees apply to both members and guests.

Feel free to come along at any time and try out the activity, or activities, of your choice as our guest before deciding if you would like to become a member. We look forward to welcoming you.



Throughout the year, the Center, through its Special Events Coordinator, puts on a number of events to help raise funds for activities and free events.

Members purchase tickets for these events at the Seniors Center Front Desk. On occasion dances, variety shows and mystery dinners are organized.



Registered programs are offered throughout the year. Membership is not required however members pay less than non-members for most of the programs.

To review and register for any of the Programs, go to the current Nepean Sportsplex Guide.

To Register for a program:

Direct your browser to ottawa.ca/en/recreation-and-parks/recreation-programs and click on the Register button to view programs and to sign up for a course.

You can register online for any course that has a program code. Please have your credit card number and expiry date ready (Visa/MasterCard).

Visit any recreation facility during its normal operating hours to register for your course.

Registration must be done in person for courses without a program code. In person, registration is also accepted at City of Ottawa Client Service Centers.

Payments accepted by cash, cheque (made payable to the City of Ottawa), debit or credit card (Visa/MasterCard).