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Chair Exercise Programs

heart wise exercise for seniors ottawa nepeanExercises are performed while sitting in the chair, or using the chair as an adaptive device. Designed to improve muscle tone, flexibility and endurance. Excellent alternative to low impact aerobics, when combined with walking. Chair Exercise is ideal for those with arthritis, osteoporosis or those starting an exercise program.

This class is so much more than having a chair available if you need it for balance or for some exercises. This class uses hand weights, exercise bands, ankle weights and weighed balls to help you become stronger and healthier. All of the instructors are Heart Wise certified so a proper warm-up and cool-down are always part of the class. Come and try a class for FREE to see if this might be something for you. You can register for one, two or all three classes. Unfortunately there will no longer be drop-in rates available, but we are able to pro-rate fees if you can only attend part of a session. Please contact the Nepean Seniors Recreation Centre if you need to make any special arrangements.

We do not have the usual Nepean Sportsplex Seniors Guide. Instead the City has produced a Guide for all seniors programs in the City.

To search for programs at the Nepean Sportsplex, when you open the Guide, press Ctrl + F and then type Nepean. It will link you to the appropriate eight Seniors programs.

Click on the link to the Ottawa Seniors Recreation Guide Fall 2022.