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Nepean Songsters

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Hey everyone, great news. Charlie Inglis has created and is supporting a website for us.
The website is at this link.

In 1988 the Nepean Seniors Recreation Centre was established within the Nepean Sportsplex. In 1993 the Nepean Songsters began and 25 years later is still a thriving and dynamic activity of the Nepean Seniors Centre.

Every Thursday morning, September through May, the Heritage Room is buzzing with chatter, laughter and singing from 9 AM to 11 AM.  The choir has a membership of 70 although attendance varies when snowbirds go south or some head to cottage country in early spring. This is a choir of both male and female voices, some music we sing in parts and others in unison.

Many of our members have and do sing in other choirs, some as soloists. We all love to sing!!  We all know its good exercise!  We share a lot of laughs! We enjoy warm friendships.

Nellie Gervais and Janet Standish book us with seniors’ residences, nursing homes, events for the City of Ottawa and in our own Seniors Centre. At the residences and nursing homes, we enjoy the camaraderie and interaction with the audiences during our Sing-Outs. They are encouraged to join in and it becomes a real songfest!

You are invited to join us on a Thursday morning, 9 AM to 11 AM, for practice. There is a membership fee of $65.00 due in January and another $40.00 in September. You must also be a Member of the Seniors Centre.

We provide the music. You’ll get a warm welcome!

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