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Phase 2 begins on Nov 1 and consists of Card games. As of Oct 26 we are still unsure whether these activities will start as planned. We are awaiting official word from Ottawa Public Health..

Due to the close proximity of people all participants must be fully masked, ie the mask MUST cover the nose and chin.

Instructions for attending card games.

1. All clients will need to enter through entrance #3.
2. Clients will be able to come in and access the room 15 minutes before the start of their drop in.
3. Drop in times have been standardized across the City, all drop ins are now from 9am -12pm and 1-3pm.
4. There you will meet a screener who has to screen everyone entering the building. (If for some reason their isn’t a screener please go to the Seniors Centre customer service desk)
5. Once completed your screening, you will be directed to come into the Seniors Centre front desk.
6. The staff at the front desk will ask you your name to ensure you have booked a spot, request to see your proof of vaccination and will take payment ($2.25) at this time. It is understood that all of this is a change and will take a little bit of time. Please be patient with everyone. We are trying our best to make it at smooth as possible.
7. If clients were not able to reserve a spot on-line they risk to be turned away. Maximum numbers need to be adhered to at this time in order to remain open.
8. There is still no coffee or snacks to be served at this time.
9. Masks are still mandatory throughout the building at all times
10. All activities that used to be in the Heritage room but are now in Hall F.

Registration for card games.

You can now click on the link in Covid Update – General to register for your seat.

The Phase 2 schedule has been significantly altered to include cards being played in the Heritage Room.  For the schedule from Nov 1 until Dec 17 click on this link.