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It is planned to start reopening activities in phases in the Seniors Center beginning after Thanksgiving, on Oct 12, 2021. All activities taking place in our facilities will be open to seniors by Jan 2022.
No special activities, such as the Christmas Breakfast, the Casino visits or Travel Club trips, are being contemplated at this time.
Indivivual pages have been added to the website to give the details of each phase of activities.

New Procedures.

      • The number of people allowed at an activity will be limited.
      • AFTER Oct 31 you will be required to book a spot for each time you wish to attend and activity. The exceptions to this are Shuffleboard and Carpet Bowling for which bookings are NOT required.
      • Bookings can only be made up to three days in advance of the activity (see below for details on how to book online). For those who do not have access to a computer, you will be able to call the Front Desk to make a reservation. As the number of people for each activities will be limited, a system may be put in place to deal with those who routinely do not show up.
      • There will be no annual fee or drop in fee for the remainder of 2021.
      • Entry to the Sportsplex will be limited to Door 3, except for Gym activities which will be through Door 4.  Only these doors will be manned to permit your entry.
      • On arriving at the door you must be masked, must have photo ID and proof of your two vaccinations.
      • Starting in Jan 2022, you must pay the drop-in fee when you enter.  All activities will be $2.25.  You must pay in cash (correct change highly desirable) or pay from a credit that you have put on your account (see below).
      • No snacks or beverages will be available at any of the activities. However, if needed, participants can take a break and go into the hallway (while maintaining social distancing) to have their own snack and or beverage. The only exception is that water may be consumed at the activity.
      • When cards are the activity, players must be masked at all times.  Rules will be established for other activities depending on how closely participants must be.

Special pages have been added to the website to give the details of the phases of the activities.


There will be four phase, beginning after Thanksgiving and ending in Jan 2022.   The activities are grouped based on available space, the size of the groups and the need to distance.

The proposed activities in each phase are listed below.   The details on the times, days, and locations are detailed in the pages for each phase.

Please note that this is the Plan. Dates and activities may have to be changed.

      • Phase 1 – Starting Oct 12. Badminton, carpet bowling, crafters, outdoor walking, pickleball, shuffleboard and table tennis.
      • Phase 2 – Starting Nov 1. Cribbage, euchre, duplicate bridge, 500 and fun bridge.
      • Phase 3 – Starting Nov 15. Curling. This Phase has been Cancelled.
      • Phase 4 – Starting Jan 4, 2022. Bridge lessons, chair exercises, contract bridge, choir and singing performance, line dancing, Sunday duplicate bridge, tap dancing and tai chi.

Booking Online.

Bookings are required for Phase 2 activities (Card Games).

You may book an event up to two days in advance, starting at 6 PM (ie, you can start booking at 6 PM on Sat for a Mon activity, 6 PM on Sun for a Tue activity, 6 PM on Mon for a Wed activity, 6 PM on Tue for a Thu activity and 6 PM on Wed for a Fri activity).

Also, you are allowed to book for yourself, or yourself and a partner.

You may reserve a spot online or by phone:
613-580 2424 ext.46652 (between 12:30 PM & 8 PM Mon Fri & 9:30 AM & 3 PM Saturday
613-580 2424 ext. 46687 (between 8 AM & 7 PM ).

Click on this link to Learn How To Make a Booking.

Click on this link to Make a Booking.

Create a Credit on Your Account.

If you do have a Family Account with Services Ottawa (with your Client Barcode and Family PIN) follow these instructions.

If you do not have a Family Account with Services Ottawa you will need to create an account.  Click on Create New Family Account  and follow the instructions.