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Each Tuesday afternoon, at 12:30 year round, the Nepean Seniors Euchre Club gets together in Hall F, to enjoy chatter, laughter and socializing, with the emphasis on playing Euchre.

Approximately 65 members meet each week. We encourage members to arrive by 12:15 to find a table to start play and greet friends.

During the 2 1/2 hrs. of play, we complete 9 games of 8 hands each, of regulation traditional Euchre, with the winners of each game moving to the next table and changing partners;  non-winners remain at the same table, but also change partners.

Come with a friend or come on your own.  All Euchre players welcome.  A pre-arranged partner is not necessary in order to start, just come and join the fun.  See you Tuesday afternoon.

We do not have the usual Nepean Sportsplex Seniors Guide. Instead the City has produced a Guide for all seniors programs in the City.

To search for programs at the Nepean Sportsplex, when you open the Guide, press Ctrl + F and then type Nepean. It will link you to the appropriate eight Seniors programs.

Click on the link to the Ottawa Seniors Recreation Guide Fall 2022.