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Computer Club

Our Computer Club is a self-help group with member experiences ranging from Novice to Expert. Our members use a wide variety of devices such as Desk top PCs, Notebooks, Laptops and Smartphones using Microsoft, Apple and Android Operating Systems.

Whether you are a novice, or an expert, you have likely run into issues using your devices, and are looking for some help. That’s what we do! Although the Club does not offer specific courses on devices, our members can usually assist those who require help.

If a number of members have similar problems, we often prepare a ‘mini-lecture’ on specific issues for the benefit of all members.

On Hold until further notice.

We meet twice a month, on the first and third ******** at 9:30 AM., in the Seniors Centre. A drop in fee of $2.00. $1.25 for use of the facility and $.75 for supplies.

New members are always welcome to just drop into any of our meetings either with problems with their devices, or to learn by listening to others, and taking part in discussions.

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