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NSC Board Meetings

Note:  For simplicity in Jan 2024 the “Nepean Seniors Recreation Center Management Board” has been changed to “Nepean Seniors Center Board” for simplicity and consistency.  All future meeting will appear with this name.

Nepean Seniors Center Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month between September and June. No meetings are held in July and August.

Board meetings are open to members, who wish to bring matters to the attention of the Board.

Also the Board is actively seeking new members who wish to take part in directing the activities of the Nepean Senior Center.

The meetings are held in the meeting room at the Seniors Centre, which has very limited space. For this reason, if a member wishes to attend a Board Meeting, please advise the Board at least one week in advance of the next meeting.

Recent minutes of NSC Board meetings:

NSC Board Meeting – Apr 2024

No NRC Board meeting was held in Mar, due to illnesses.

NSC Board Meeting – Feb 2024

NSC Board Meeting – Jan 2024

NSC Management Board Meeting – Dec 2023

NSRC Management Board Meeting – Nov 2023

NSRC Management Board Meeting – Oct 2023

NSRC Management Board Meeting – Sep 2023

NSRC Management Board Meeting – Jun 2023

NSRC Management Board Meeting – May 2023

Minutes of NSRC Management Annual General Meetings:

NSRC Annual General Meeting Minutes – Oct 2023